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Horse Reality is a free-to-play horse sim with exquisite images, set in the real world with a realistic breeding and colour genetic system. Build your own estate and breed horses to perfect the bloodlines or colours. Travel around the world to gather feral horses and bargain with other players.

Participate in national and international competitions to win medals. Perform in horse shows to collect rosettes for your horses. Start a club with friends or go to the university to earn a degree and start your own company.

Sign up for the Horse Reality Open Bèta and decide which challenge you’d like to face!

Breeds and Colourgenetics

In Horse Reality, you have the possibility to travel around the world. Every continent has their own set of horses, which means you need to travel around the world to catch feral horses or buy horses with fresh bloodlines and rare colours.

We invite you to breed horses with all kinds of colours. We created a breeding system that mimics real-life genetics! To maintain the realism, the combinations are all written by hand. Currently offering 22 different genes that determine the colour of your horse.


Which Equestrian are you?


You like to travel around the world to collect as many horses as possible.


You will quickly study at the university in order to earn a degree and start your own company.


You will train tons of horses and compete with them in order to get in the rankings.


You are mainly here to socialize with other people, breeding and training casually.


Breed: Mustang Horse



Total horses214,386
Genetic Combinations15,907,180
Online users13
Total users12125


April fool's joke & updates

April fool's joke & updates

20 Apr 2018

Did you guys enjoy our April Fool’s joke? We hope so because we sure got a good laugh out of it! On a more serious note, we have lots to talk about in our April update for some of...

Spring is here!

Spring is here!

05 Apr 2018

February was a crazy month for us here at Horse Reality with the Kickstarter, but March has been just as busy! We've got loads of updates for you guys to catch up on, so read below for some of...

Welcome Pepper!

Welcome Pepper!

25 Mar 2018

Say hello to Pepper from Pepperish Studio! She's our newest addition to the artist team and will work mostly on drawing items for Horse Reality. We just received our first batch...